Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rosie's first vet appt.

Tonight was Rosie's first vet appt. Luckily, Chloe was due for her 3 yr. exam, so I scheduled Rosie at same time. Wow, that was interesting. Good thing I didn't have to take all three of them! Zoey was very upset she was not leaving. Anyhow, Rosie is doing great. She weighs a whopping 4 pounds 6 ounces....Chloe on the other hand weighs 22 pounds. I asked the assistant to deduct for her harness, but she said it didn't make much of a difference, heck you know how you take your shoes off before you step on the scale????? Oh well, the vet did not yell that she gained 4 ounces since last year. I guess that's pretty good considering all the successful begging she does. Rosie got her first shot, Chloe got her booster and heart worm blood work. All in all, not too bad other than the $135 for the visit. Ouch.

After the vet, my son and I went shopping for his stuff for his birthday dinner. It is tomarrow, he is turning 23 on the 23rd. Cool. Seems like yesterday. I can not possibly have a son turning 23 years old! My son has a case of the "sads". Lots of death and family breakdown in both my hubby and my family...those crazy big parties are now small, and I might add manageable. I know he misses all his grandparents alot. So, we'll make the best of it! He picked pasta for dinner and Carvel Ice Cream Cake. Weird, my mom always made pasta for my birthday and that was one of the hardest things after she died....having a birthday without her.

Worst part of tomarrow - I have dentist appt. at 7:45 am! Stupid me ripped a plastic bag open with my teeth..and broke off 2 of them! dumb!


Anonymous said...

All of our dogs are due for their yearly appts in May. All three. Last year we took them all at the same time. This year we are probably going to divide them up pugs vs Bella and take one in April just to spread out the costs!

Wow, you have a 23 year old son! Happy birthday to him! My husband is 23.... but will be 24 in March. I never like the months btwn my December birthday and his March birthday because for that time, Im 3 years older than him...

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

$135.oo for the check up huh? ouch, this is going to me on Wednesday, Both Belle and willow have appointments, Willow is due for her annual exam and Belle is getting Micro chipped, so I bet my bill will look like yours, you know I am seriously looking into DOG INSURANCE....between Willow and her funky allergies, our chocolate lab always ingesting things her shouldn't and Belle being a puppy, so hopefully by next month I will have some kind of insurance on all 3 of them.Oh and I think the MOM deserves a HAPPY BIRTHDAY....I always said after giving birth we as Mothers should be recognized too(lol) for what we had to go threw to bring them into the world....So happy Birthday to the both of you!

Anonymous said...

Do you give your dogs all the shots they got a a puppy when they are due for their one yr. old boosters?? Just wondering what I should do for my one year old 10 lb mix dog, as he is ready soon... but I wasnt sure as there are a lot of confusing stories out there on how the boosters are not neeccasary.. ??? What do you think?? I'd like your advice, since you have THREE dogs, you are a pro :) THANK YOU!

Punchbugpug said...

alfred's mom - yeah, can't believe I have a 23 yr. old either! Wow, I'm turning 50 this year...did I say that out loud?????? That's the fun of blogging, getting to know people of all ages and making "friendships" that we would otherwise not have!

willowbelle - I thought of pet insurance too, but it didn't seem worth it. I guess that $135 wasn't really bad since Chloe was having her heart worm test and got her distemper shot and check-up, plus Rosie got her worming pill and her first distemper and her check up too...seems other times when I only took one dog it was always $100

lea - well not sure that I'm any more knowledgeable with 3 dogs, but I do know that the puppies get their "puppy" shots in stages. After that distemper every year, rabies - first year they get the one year shot, then second year they get 3 year shot. I have heard that the vet can do blood work to see how protected they still are after one year with the distemper. I talk to the workers at my vet alot and ask what they do with their own dogs. Of course ALL dogs should be tested for heart worm. Up north here we only give the tablets May - October...not sure about southern states?????


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