Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Pug-intines Day!

Pugs & Kisses to you all!
Rosie, Zoey & Chloe!!!!!!!


alfredsmom said...

Ah! Too cute! And you even had a little valentine's dress for Rosie! Im telling ya, you need to start selling these outfits!

Pyrite said...

Gorgeous outfits! Your girls are so adorable. Congratulations on a new addition. I enjoy visiting your pug blog:)

Punchbugpug said...

Thanks. The girls are telling their baby sister to get used to their crazy mom and all the clothes. If I can squeeze in some time with the new baby I'm going to try to make some "sell-able" clothing.

rpm said...

That looks like a sweet bunch of Valentines!! I know you are having fun watching them play.

Lo said...

Rosie is adorable!! She looks worried in all the pixs :) That's what Pugs do though! ENJOY HER PUPPY DAYS AND sleep less nights LOL
I just want to hold her!!!!!CUTE!

mypugsblog said...

How adorable! Let us know when you start up some sellibles - cause i know my girls would love to have cute outfits like that!


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