Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A surprise!

I was excited to get a personal package delivered to me at work! Seeing that North Carolina return address let me know exactly who had sent it! Girlville! I met Girlville on my first bloggy meetup adventure to Charlotte, NC. We got together again the following year in Raleigh, NC and then last year in Williamsburg, VA. One event was consistent through all these trips....a sidetrip to *trader*joes* C and I love tjs! We are envious of all those towns and cities that have one and Girlville knows of our love of it! Surprise!!!! She said the display had our name on it!By the way....here is one of my buntings made by Girlville! Stop over and visit her blog and her Etsy shop! She has lots of craft ideas and she can cook too!!!!


kristie said...

yea, you got it! isn't fun to get 'personal mail' at work, lol?

Pam said...

Ah...I got some of that Pumpkin Bread mix when we met-up in Raleigh. So good!

Salinger The Pug said...

Wow...what a fun care package!

We didn't know you love TJs! Did you get to one of the TJs we have here in Indy when you were here??? Mom LIVES there!

Happy Hump Day!


JJ Lynne said...

that pumpkin bread mix looks mighty tasty... JD and Ringo are definitely eyeballing it :]


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