Monday, October 18, 2010

head, shoulders, knees and toes....knees and toes...

Sometimes Zoey limps when getting up from sleeping. She also pulled a nail a couple of weeks ago and it has grown out weird. Yesterday P noticed thought he noticed a lump on the outside of her foot next to the bad toe. Then last night I caught her actually hopping on three legs...avoiding the one with the bad toe. I checked her out this morning and really didn't notice a lump, but called the vet for an appointment. He managed to get us the last appointment of the day, but I was not home, so P took her in. Seems the vet is not concerned about her toe, he is concerned with her knee. He doesn't want to put her through x-rays, etc. at this point, but wants us to watch her and gave us fish oil to add to her daily diet. She already has glucosimine in her food, but I am calling back tomarrow to see if she should/could have a supplement of it too...or if it would even help. I think she could stand to loose a little weight too. Anyhow..bad enough the poor thing has knee and toe issues, but P brings her home from vet, brings her in the house and in the midst of their arrival, a mention of treats and all the excitement Chloe bites her! What??? I couldn't believe it! C called me and said there was chaos, blood and scolding. They managed to get the bleeding stopped fairly easily and everyone was already in bed when I got home. I probably will worry all night until I can assess the situation for myself in the morning.

She really is a little spitfire and is small, the smallest of all the group. She is sort of my special bond them all, but someting about her. She had a rough start to her life with her mama dying when she was only 2 weeks old. My little peanut!

Anyhow, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. We'd like to avoid surgery, but if that's what it takes, we'll do what needs to be done.


Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Oh no - poor Zoey!! We hope she feels better soon!! Maybe a sock monkey bed for her to sleep in would do the trick :)

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

kristie said...

poor little girl! glad vet isn't concerned about the lump. my oldest cat has arthritis and takes a glucosamine supplement daily. after about 1 week on it he was like a new cat. a coworkers dog also started taking it recently and the results were amazing. maybe you should try it? oh, and as for the little 'fight' post vet, when one of mine goes to 'the bad place' when we get home the others hiss, growl, spit, etc. we just assume they can smell 'the v.e.t.' on the other one??? maybe that's what happened?

Wilma said...

OK, this is gonna be a long one, cuz I have lots of intel on this subject. I have a sub luxating pat ells in my hind leg. It started when I was about 2. I was pretty lame, and the vet wanted me to have surgery. Mom and Dad didn't so they found me Dr Ericson. She is a vet who practices accupuncture and Chinese medicine. After about 3 months treatment (every 2 weeks x 2 every month x 2) so about 4or5 visits, I was no longer experiencing symptoms. Now I go about every 3 months for maintainance. She also gave me an herb called Solitary Hermit. It is used to warm the lower extremities. I no longer take it because I started spitting it out, so they figured I didn't need it anymore.I take Dasaquin, glucosamine supplements too, and fish oil. I used to get Adequan injections, but don't need them anymore either. Now Brigitte started having trouble with her foot when she was about 9. She has some arthritis. She sees my vet now too. She gets accupuncture, trixsyn joint supplement. It helps reduce joint pain, control inflammation, protect cartilage and hydrate tissue.. She does also have to take an anti inflammatory medicine. Mom wasn't thrilled because she hates Rimadyl (a whole other story). But she uses Mwtacam, which is liquid so you can titrate for the most effect with the least amount of drug. She takes only half the recommended dose and does well with it. Plus her organs are in fine shape(no I'll effects from the med)
That's the long and short of it. I did a post about my Dr Ericson if you would like to know more. You can also email my Mom. She would love to give you any in for you need. Good luck to poor Zoey, I hope she feels better soon.

Minnie Moo said...

Awww I don't have any suggestions, just want to send well wishes her way!


Minnie Moo

Noodles said...

Bummer to be sick or not in tip top form. Sending a lot of well wishes your way, Zoey.
Love Noodles

Leah said...

Poor Zoey......we will be thinking of her!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I am a little late to the party but is it arthirtis or a luxating petalla problem?

Indy has the luxating petalle (sp) and we haven't done xrays or anything but the vet suggested keeping her weight low so it's less stress on her knee and as well, walk her up hill. It helps strengthen the muscles in her leg which in turn helps keep her knee cap in place!


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