Friday, June 11, 2010

KPR Puppies

This Mama Pug came into Kentuckiana Pug Rescue ready to whelp her babies at any minute! She was turned into a shelter who then contacted KPR. She is a dollbaby! Please consider donating to help pay for the care of these beautiful babies!!
go to the website to donate and to get additional information about adopting or supporting KPR.

Also, visit the puppy cam!!! It is so fun to watch and listen to this little family!!!

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Mia said...

Puppy cam is addicting!! Although I have had to mute the sound because it's really starting to get to Lilo. She gets frustrated when she can hear the babies but can't get to them. So I listen to them until she gets curious and then I mute it. They are getting so big!!!!


Jess & Lilo


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