Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marty, a real "stitch"....

Marty had his stitches out today. Another enjoyable vet visit! NOT!

- Got out of car
- Went in first door
- Hesitates at second door
- Won't budge through second door
- Peeks around doorway at vet tech
- Laughter from inside
- Push Marty in office
- Hides under bench
- More laughter
- Barks at another small dog
- Barks more
- and MORE
- Go into exam room
- Hide under bench
- Enter 2 techs
- Girly Pug crying begins
- Marty climbs up my back
- Struggle continues
- I hold 27 pound crying dog
- 2 stitches removed
- Change positions
- 2 more removed
- Take a break from holding 27 pound dog
- Finish appointment with all of us ON THE FLOOR
- Heh, you gotta do what you gotta do.....
- All stitches out
- Exit...and don't look back!


SassyDog said...

Poor Marty, but at least it's all over now! The doctor's office is a scary place, trust me I know. I think you are a very brave pug!!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Marty is no dummy - I wouldn't trust anyone 10 times my size coming at me with scissors!
So glad the stitches are out, and things are going well.
We've all been rooting for you Marty!

Liss said...

aww what a trouper

The Devil Dog said...

Oh my, poor Marty. He must be traumatized. I think you need to feed him some extra treats. Really. He told me it would make him feel better.


Leah said...

Oh dear, I can just see it!! Too funny (for me, probably not you!).

AM said...

Poor guy, at least its all done with!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Oh, poor Marty! It ain't easy being a Pug!

Rachel said...

haha - oh, wow. at least that's over, right??

Page said...

Oh, that sounds funny, but I know it wasn't to Marty!! Winston and Sela have caught on that they should hide from the vet tech...but the only thing they are scared of are the nail clippers from the tech!!

Marlene said...

Puggy cries are so sad. I'm glad Marty's stitches are all out!

Anonymous said...

Haha oh no! Poor Marty!

We like the vet - lots and lots of scratches and cookies.

The groomers.. Indy screams like a wounded *thing*. I don't know what she sounds like and the girls at the groomers don't either!

"M" said...

Oh poor Marty...what an experience!

Frances Louise said...

Such an awesome narrative! Yeah for Marty that everything is over!

Sandra y Coco said...

you missed pointing out your reaction to the invoice! haha, that's ALWAYS shocking!
PS I am glad Marty is doing fine.

Wanda said...

WOW! Marty told Py a totally different version of that event! She said he marched in there and took it like a man;) Take care Marty!!

Jemima Jones Beck said...

Isnt it funny how those stories suck at the time, but are hilarious later? You'll laugh soon I am sure!

Nevis said...

LMAO! Very funny!

Priscilla said...

I'm glad he's doing better. Vet visits. Gotta love them.


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