Saturday, March 14, 2009


We've actually had a couple of sunny days around here! COLD, but sunny! I was lucky enough to get laundry done, floors washed, vacumned and even got some sewing done for esty. Hopefully get some stuff listed by Sunday night!

This afternoon C and I went for a walk. Too far for the Pug crew, so when I got back I did the unthinkable and took the four of them out - alone. I kept envisioning myself in a heap on the ground with leashes wrapped around my body and Pugs running in wild abandon. Marty did pull completely out of my hand and run towards a couple walking...such a BARKY GUY! Luckily I had decided to come home through the baseball diamond behind us and we were not on the road side of the fence!

Speaking of Marty he is doing very well. His coughing has been practically NILL and no signs of any trouble from his surgery. We'll be making his party plans for his big 10th birthday on May 1st!


Leah said...

Ugh, sounds like walking Oscar! He is so barky and tries to attack every person and every other dog we see. Must be a guy thing.....

The Devil Dog said...

Mom once tried to walk four pugs. It wasn't a pretty sight. Glad you all got home okay.
Glad Marty is doing well.


Anonymous said...

Oh no!
Gus sometimes does the same thing. Indy starts wagging her tail when she sees somebody and ends up walking sideways..

Clover said...

You know what, Clover is pretty barky on walks too. I think she wants everyone to know she is there!! Haha.
But walking four, it does sound like fun!!


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