Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A visitor.....

Karen from GMPR visited us! She and her husband came Monday late afternoon, had dinner, pug playtime, slept over and left Tuesday morning. The gang loved having them visit. It was wonderful having such devoted Pug people to chat with! I was happy to give her the check from WNYPugs for the money raised at Pugstock on their behalf.

Heh....I want that coat......


Unknown said...

right - I was just thinking that I need that fleece.

kristie said...

ha, i was SO thinking - 'punchy needs a pug jacket like that' the entire post!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi punchy!
oh how fun to see karen. i have emailed with her over the years but we have never met. how wonderful you had her over.

how fun!

Unknown said...

Hooray for pug rescue! wouldn't it be cute if there were tiny little fleece jackets with pugs on them made just for pugs?

Nevis said...

Is that a pug jacket? Snap! I would love that for wearing about!

Frances Louise said...

It is nice to have pug lovers come and visit, especially when they come with treats and cool jackets!

Anonymous said...

Hi all;

Thanks Deb for the stay over and was a treat getting our puggie fixes. Of course I had my favorite! hahaa

By the way that Jacket is about 85.00 but man is it comfy warm! You can get it through and tell them I sent you:) I don't get anything from it but I love promoting small buisnesses. I will wear this in the winter too if not below zero!

On behalf of us all at GMPR- bless you all for coming to pugstock! While I was gone on our trip one of our fosters had to go into ICU for a few days for a severe infection post spay. SO the funds will go to help pay some of her stay there. HUGS TO YOU ALL!!

Karen ( who looks gross without makeup on in the am lol)

Puglette said...

I want a pug jacket too! Please!


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