Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bees, Bugs and Others Contest - keep those entries coming in!!!!

C is going to have to work hard to pick winners. Everyone is so darn cute! Keep those entries coming in.

PS - Did everyone see that parts of NY got bombed with snow! We're happy we just got the horrifying winds!


kristie said...

yes, i saw this morning on the news the snow and some girl was complaining about it and the cold...yet she was wearing a t-shirt??? no wonder she was cold. it was greenville, NY they were at and i'm not sure how close that is to you. it was super windy here yesterday and last nite too but snow only fell in the western part of the state.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi punchy!
your new blog colors are wonderful!
i have been seeing your work all over the blogosphere and i just have to tell yo again how wonderful it is!

Page said...

Yes! Crazy! When I went to work this morning there was ice on my car that I had to scrape off...or, I let the windshield wiper scrape it off. There was frost all over the ground and roofs!! I know if it's like that down here in Florida it must be COLD up there!! Stay warm...snuggle the pugs!

Clover said...

I am excited for this contest because I am going to be a butterfly for Hallowe'en - that is a bug, right?! I will get a good picture then email it to you.
And we got some snow last night too. I posted about it today. (My costume is there too...)
Love Clover xo

Pam said...

I saw that about the weather this morning on the news. I was wondering how much snow you guys received.

Unknown said...

Punchy your new colors and photo are wonderful!

Nevis said...

And you haven't even received the cutest entries yet....Mine! :)

Swampgirl said...

BAHHHH!!!! SNOW!!!! We should still be swimming, but it is cold in Alabama,too! Bitsey and Eli are already wearing T-shirts and soon I'll have to get out their coats! We usually don't wear them until January!!

The Devil Dog said...

We know about the snow. They say it is on it's way here. YUK!

Roxy & Lucky


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