Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Looooooooong Weekend

We thought the long weekend would never start at our house. Our tenant was due to be out by NOON on Friday. At 7:15pm she was in the bedroom painting the walls that she and her "boyfriend" had destroyed in their little fight. We finally ended up leaving and telling her to leave the keys and a forwarding address. Her father had lectured me in the yard about her getting "ALL" her security deposit back. I told him as long as she complied with her Security Agreement, she would. The list so far is:

Broken window blinds (these were the wooden 2" blinds)
Kitchen Floor tiles - replaced 7
Living Room Carpet - HUGE stain about 2'x5' - do you think they noticed?
Kitchen stove - totally uncleaned. Oven still had dirty pans in there from cooking.
Bedroom 1 - section of wallpaper cut out to repair drywall???? what the heck?????
Bedroom 2 - The redrywalling efforts turned out very well, although she could have put some paper down to paint. Good thing we're replacing the rugs.
Hall closet was not cleaned. Various items left behind.
Basement - Left behind sofa. We have been talking about this sofa for 5 weeks. I asked her if she wanted me to call trash and find out how much to pick-up...no, she would take care of? Okay, so now I can call trash.

Home Depot..here we come.

The weekend it self was fun. Saturday P went Salmon Fishing and C and my dad and A came up. C left around 5:30pm, but Dad and A stayed over...well, not actually over. She didn't want to impose so they got a hotel! They came back Sunday morning for the campgrounds last breakfast of the summer. Afterwards they came back for a bit and then went on their way. P went fishing....again! The neighbor and I did a shore walk. We went on the beach by our place and walked the shoreline all the way around to the point. Normally the water the beach isn't quite so wide and the water so shallow, but due to drought-like conditions it is now. I would guess the walk was about 2 miles, maybe a little less. When we got to the point where the channel is to come into our bay we saw P returning from fishing. We called him on her cell phone to see if he could pick us up, but he said we would have to walk down on the bay side, which was a little scary! We said no thanks, we'll watch for the neighbors husband. Then we saw another neighbor and his family on their party boat. We hailed them over and climbed on board. It was quite a site. We were both wet up to our butts! It saved us the walk back, which I would have actually done, but she didn't want to. After dinner P and I went out fishing until dark and then had a late dinner. Monday more of the same, fishing, walking, hanging around. Sorry no photos, but my new camera batteries finally died and I need to recharge to download the ones I got.

The leaves are actually falling from the trees up here in the north! How about everyone else?


Manda Girl said...

I was mentioning to my hubby this morning that the leaves are turning. This is my favorite time of the year!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

Leaves are changing and falling to the ground here too! Are you ready for Old Man Winter??? I told the Husband we need a electric Blanket at the camp!

Sandy said...

Gee Whiz...you guys are so lucky to see the changing of leaves! I think it was mid December when I took a picture of a tree in our yard that the leaves had finally turned yellow.

Did you all eat the fish P caught? I love salmon! I love hearing about your trips to the lake.

I hate that about your renter leaving the place like that. You should invite her dad to come over and point the things out to him and ask him would he like to give up the deposit or pay for all materials and repairs?

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

We agree with rpm. Invite the girl's dad over.


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