Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A day to remember....a way of life not to forget

This day is etched in all our minds. I was not going to post about it, but yet it seems the thing to do. We are so blessed in this country, yet don't think about our most important resource...freedom. Other places on this great Earth live in turmoil like that created on 9/11 on a daily basis. Maybe not the magnitude of the numbers killed or the shear size of the buildings, and the weapons of our own aircraft, but yet, daily terror. Some countries if you let your children go to school, they may not make it and if they do, the school may be bombed. In some countries you can be sipping a drink at a cafe and a car may kill you and everyone else within yards. For the most part we are all safe on a daily basis. Safe, yet selfish. I am worried about the future. Everything is so "instant". How did our mama's not worry themselves crazy about our whereabouts without a cell phone? How did we even function going home after school and not being able to "instant message" our friends, but instead, change, run outside and actually play! Don't get me wrong I love the fact that if my car breaks down I can call home and that when my kids are out they can let me know they're safe, but what price are we all paying? Slow down America...slow down and enjoy this freedom, this peace, this life.

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kristie said...

punchy, i think of the fast pace we live in all the time and sometimes wonder if it's all worth it. we all seem to be in a constant rush and never able to relax. sometimes i wish it were still like 'mayberry'. surely if people survived without all of this technology back then we could too???


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