Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Last meme from Lisa

Favorite Show ~ Grey's Anatomy
What Celebrity do you want to meet? Mel Gibson
Sexiest Male music artist? Keith Urban
First Car- 1969 Buick Skylark Convertible!
The farthest Place you have been from home? Florida
What is under your bed? Extra box of Pergo...maybe a cat
Do you use Snooze on your alarm?'s way across room hitting snooze would be obnoxious to do
Most obnoxious male actor? Tom Cruise
Been to a concert? yes ... Lou Reed (gross) Waylon Jennings, brain cramp.....
Piercings? Ears
Favorite fast food? Usually get chicken ranch salad at McDonald's
Favorite ice cream? Hmmmm, soft vanilla, coffee and I would love to try that cake batter like W over at Willow and Belle had recently
Fears? Heights
Sport? Hockey
Children? Two - Son 23 and daughter 20
Pets? three puggies, 2 cats, not sure what's in aquarium right now
Shower or bath? Bath mostly
Pet peeves? Junk on the counter and dishes found NOT in kitchen
OCD? Not sure
Habits? You'd have to ask hubby that one
Favorite store? Don't have a favorite, although I'd probably say Joann Fabrics
Least favorite female celebrity? Hmmmm
Rings before you answer the phone? Second... I hate to hear the phone ring
What are you wearing? Black knit capri outfit, black sandals
What did you do last night? Grocery shopped, water flowers, swept deck and patio, vacumned, cleaned bathroom, woke hubby for work, made him dinner, packed his lunch, took a bath, read one chapter in new book, off to sleep!
What did you do today? Read the newspaper, got ready for work, drove to work....need to actually DO some work!
Who sent you your last e-mail? Wow, I haven't checked them yet today!
Who did you talk to on the phone last? Daughter, telling me her plans for the evening
What scares you? House fires, Sandy's Big Fat Devil Roaches like I NEVER want to see Favorite fruit? Pears
New addiction? Crystal Light Lemonade
Can't live without? Indoor plumbing!
Greatest fear? Something happening to my kids or Pugs or hubby
Miss anyone? my mama and my grandparents
What will you do after you finish this? Get back to work!


Sandy said...

Hey, you did them all!!! It's so fun to see how much we all think alike. You need to go find out what's in the aquarium!!!

Sandy said...

Hey, you did them all!!! It's so fun to see how much we all think alike. You need to go find out what's in the aquarium!!! And I think that's a great use of the have a big pug friend get together.

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

These are soooo addicting! I love them!

Punchbugpug said...

Well, I do know that one aquarium has a turtle in it..hopefully alive. The other various fish. It is very scary going in my son's room..once when he was younger I went in to pick up a bit. When he got home from school I told him I had cleaned his room and he got VERY nervous...when I pressed him as to why, he admitted that he had a pet snake in his room!!!!! He had a cabinet and a small aquarium in it, which he moved in and out when he was home! It was a snake he had caught in our garden. He and I had a long talk about talking animals from their natural settings and I told him that since it was getting colder out that snake needed to go get ready to hibernate! I told him to take some time and think about the snake's best interest. Later that afternoon he told me he let the snake go free and that when he released it, it slithered away and then looked back as if to say thank you! Isn't that sweet...especially since I was FREAKING OUT about a snake in my house! HAHAHA He has also had toads, frogs, hermit crabs, lizards, hamsters, mice, guinea pig, ferrets....phew!


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