Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Weekend Recap!

Saturday we ventured to the Boat Show. I was a frantic mess by the time we got there! The thruway was HORRIBLE. Cars off the road, white-outs, just a mess. But thankfully we arrived safely and spent the next several hours looking at all the boats and talking about Summer! Our friends met us there, so it was double fun!

Lately it seems people are getting more and more into "party boats". They had some VERY lavish ones...this one looked like a Cadillac! This wine area actually disappeared into the console with the touch of a button....P and our friend S we really enjoying this boat!The drive home was equally horrible and I was one VERY happy person to walk into our house!
On Saturday morning we jumped back in the car and headed back on the thruway for a Pug transport..... We got back home in time for P to enjoy the Daytona 500 and for me to go grocery shopping. I was SO tired the Pugs and I went to bed at 8:30!

Monday was a day off work, so after puttering around the house all morning I finally settled in and got to sewing. Some St. Patrick's items are now in my shop......

What did you guys do????


The Devil Dog said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous. I am glad that you made it to and from the boat show safely. Mom relaxed (or tried to) this weekend and quilted. Not nearly as exciting as your weekend.


Nicole said...

My goodness! That little Pug in the first transport picture is ADORABLE! I want that one! Okay.. no more puppies for me for a while. Dangit.

Anyway - Love that dress and I'm glad you travelled safely! =)


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