Friday, April 30, 2010

Sol Sunshine Memorial Fund

Don't forget to visit my etsy shop!

Thanks to those that have purchased from my shop throughout this month! I can't wait to receive more photos from you all with your furry ones all dressed up and those little stuffed puggies in their new homes!! The sale is due to end today, but I have decided to continue it through Sunday evening to round out the weekend. Stay tuned as I have several more items to list tonight! Hopefully!!! Also remember custom orders also will count towards this event.



Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hello Punchy and Gang!
What a nice Post!
We so love the fund you've set up.
Very kind. Your creations are very beautiful and you have stellar talent! I just love my Doll (Lolly) you made for me.
She loves it here! She misses you guys and says hi!
~Katy and the pug gang

Corrine said...

Awesome! Thanks so much. I will be sure to let all the OBPers know.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful!!


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