Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bridal Shower

Saturday was the bridal shower.....luckily we didn't have "real" showers. We played a game called "design a bridal gown". You got two rolls of toilet paper, 2 pieces of tissue and 6 paper clips.....our bride's dress literally fell off! Has anyone played this game?

Friends and family were VERY generous. The gifts were beautiful!

I had my bf make the cake and cookies to use as shower favors. I love the idea of "edible" favors. Plus, I LOVE cookies! We are doing a similar theme for the wedding. My dad says he is going around the tables to take the ones left behind!

We also managed to book the rehearsal dinner site this weekend. Another item to check off my list!


Sandy said...

Oh yea!!! I'm with your dad about getting all the leftover cookies! I love the idea of having those cookies as favors.

Pam said...

Sounds like a fun shower! Hooray for cookie favors.
I've never played that design the gown game before.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your dad! :) I love those cookies.. yum yum.

The Great Rock Eater said...

Sounds like you had a good day!! Edible favors definitely sound like a good idea to me!!!


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