Monday, April 06, 2009

Pugs in Pugs out

Friday afternoon I got a telephone call from a friend whose son got a Pug last Fall and could no longer keep him. They asked if I knew anyone wanting a Pug. I quickly called my BFL (Pug Buddy) and someone she works with did still want a Pug and was willing to take a 5 year old, unaltered, hyper, marking, Male Pug.

Now sometimes the stars align. Saturday happened to be meetup. Since I had a wedding shower at 1pm, I was going to make the one hour trip to meetup without my own Pugs and then travel on to the shower. A couple of text messages and phone calls later and everything was set.

So Saturday morning I left my house, and FOUR VERY SAD FACES, at 8:25am. Went and got "Buster", and we headed out to meetup. I have to say it was the quietest ride to meetup I've ever had! Buster was in his crate and just stared at me. We got there early to help with setup and Buster was set loose! What a great little guy! He did not fit his description of "single, fawn male, hyper, marks". As the other meetup people arrived he just hung out and had a good time.

I think there were several families there that would have loved to take him home.

Isn't he handsome?

His new owners came and met him and LOVED him. How could they not? They were very excited and since she works with BFL we can keep track of him. Although we are not a rescue organization, we made her sign paperwork with us. If things don't work out, we will take him in and find him his perfect home.

Meantime also at meetup Miss Puggy was going to her new forever home.

Some of you may have seen or heard of Miss Puggy on the Green Mtn. website. She has liver shunt and came downstate to be fostered by my BFL while having her visits to Cornell. It has been decided that since she has been responded to L's terrific care and her new routine, that the surgery would not be done. Meantime thoughts went to her staying more locally. Now BFL really wanted to keep her, but with 4 Pugs of her own, and how busy she is, it would be too hard. At a meeting for our events M met Miss Puggy and fell in love and decided to put in application to adopt her. All went well and they came to meetup to have fun and take Miss Puggy home with them.

It's always great to see those "less than physically" perfect Pugs find "perfect" homes.

Recently someone had the message board called rescue Pugs..."damaged goods"....
this is how Miss Puggy and I feel about that!


Neas Nuttiness said...

I so wish that you and your groups were closer. I'd love a couple more pug babies! Thanks for all the good work that you do!

I'd really like to start a pug rescue group where I live. If you ever have a few extra moments, send me a email...I'd like to find out more info. Thanks


And I was serious, when I offered to help you sew!

Anonymous said...

So glad everything worked out!
Gus's previous owners called him unmanageable.. well he manages just fine with us! lol

I agree with you and Miss Puggy! :p

Clover said...

Aw! Miss Puggy is so adorable! Clover and I agree with you and Miss Puggy too!!

Nevis said...

Glad everything worked out.

And I LOVE the last photo!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Miss Puggy(pants) is so sweet. Yes, that's what I call her. I'm glad Buster found a new home. I can't imagine anyone getting rid of their pug though. We're the best dogs ever! I guess people who suck might not want to keep us though - we're too cool for them.

SassyDog said...

The only thing damaged is the person who left that very rude remark. I agree with you and Miss Puggy. Did you ever find out what the wormy looking stuff was??

Leah said...

They are both beautiful pugs, and I am so glad they found good homes!

And you totally read my mind--I was going to ask you if you could make Oscar a matching tie!!! Let me know. Thanks, Punchy!!

The Devil Dog said...

Damaged goods? Lucky mom wasn't anywhere near when that was said. Or posted. What a pinhead!
Anyway, we are glad the stars aligned and Buster and Miss Puggt have new homes. That is the best part of all, we think.



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