Thursday, September 04, 2008

Helping needy Pugs

Sophie and Dixie have asked everyone to help out Kentuckiana Pug Rescue so they can continue to foster and care for needy Pugs. I am happy to select them for this month's rescue group on my Etsy site. Click on Pugpossessed on my sidebar Etsy link to see the items I currently have. I am happy to continue donating 20% of my sales each month to rescue. Don't see anything that you like or that will fit your baby????? Drop me a line or convo me on Etsy and we'll make arrangements for the "perfect fit" item.

Note: The fence shown in my Puggy post actually belongs to my bpf (best pug friend) L. It is actually 2 sections. I believe they can be found on *PetEdge* *CareALot* and even at *Wallmart*. There are different heights and you can purchase with out without a door. It folds up nicely and works much better than the x-pen I purchased last year.

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