Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the good guys....

These are the guys from *Rescue*Ink*. They are quite a group! If you donated $30 you could sponsor a spay or neuter of a pet. They would then autograph your shirt.

of course we donated.....


Pug and Bugg said...

OMD! This looks like so much fun, Mommy is buying the cookbook from your entry before. We are jealous you got to go to this!!!!

We have a question- are Marty and Chloe going to send pictures or are just Zoey and Rosie going to be in SNPM? We wanted to check since entries are due today? Thankssss puggie friends!

The Devil Dog said...

Are the t-shirts for sale on line?
I suppose mom really ought to check the link, huh?


TwoPugs said...

I just checked the link - I love these guys! I like how they say they will stop at nothing to stop abuse and neglect. I think these guys are probably pretty good at getting their point across. LOL

The shirt is cool. Is it still available?


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