Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Secret Santa and more

Last night when P got home from work he took his "out to the mailbox" trip. He came in with 2!

The first contained adorable snowmen candles from Alfred's mom. So cute and I love snowmen! I always hate to burn cute candles. I think I may put these around for Christmas Eve dinner.

Then the next box....a couple of wrapped gifts and a tin of cookies! Now I knew from the box that this was from Norman and the woman...and I've had cookies made by the woman and the mean one, so I dug in...literally. P tried to check things out and I bit him...only kidding! What an assortment of treats! I told the woman that the doctor said to add a glass of milk to my diet, do you think she meant milk AND COOKIES????

I thought about saving the wrapped gifts for Christmas, but then decided "heck no". The woman made me this BEAUTIFUL SCARF!!!! Honestly, as a crafter, I so LOVE getting a gift made for me! My Secret Santa, Norman, gave me the beautiful necklace! It is so different. That Norman he knows I love the Pug stuff!!!! Thanks thanks thanks!!!!

I put on a turtleneck, my necklace and my scarf and my girlfriend here took me out for a bit of shopping.
Now move forward to this morning. C woke me to help with the banana bread she was baking for work. We put it in the oven and I set the "timer" on the microwave for 45 minutes. After 21 minutes I heard a popping noise and the house smelled like pumpkin spice...hmmmmm, strange....
UH OH.....that wasn't the timer.....that was COOK!!!! Apparently the drugs from surgery have not yet worn off. I put a cup of coffee in the micro last night to reheat. Obviously, I never reheated but did indeed COOK it for 21 minutes. Could have been worse, it could have cooked for 45! The microwave is clean...the cup....well, it may be a pencil holder now.

I did venture to work today. I drove P's truck. Turning the key left handed was interesting. I think I may have drove like a granny, but I got there and worked until 1pm, then headed to drs. appt. and home. P wanted to go shopping, but my hand was hurting and I said I needed to take a quick nap....I got up 2 1/2 hours later. I'm not sure having this surgery before Christmas was such a good idea.


Sandy said...

Those are great gifts!!! I love that necklace of Norman..he is such a lover boy! I'm glad there wasn't too much damage from the microwave mixup. You should stay home until after Christmas...don't mess your hand up!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

Fun Surprises!
Those snowman candles sure are cute! AM sent me some Gingerbread man ones...she is so sweet!
Yum to those cookies that Normans Woman made..
OMG PUNCHY! Only you would COOK your coffee for 21 minutes! what were you doing while it was cooking??? did you fall asleep and forget about your coffee? LOL you fool!

Did you get my message today? I left a message on your cell phone....

Punchbugpug said...

I agree I should stay home, but....

I actually did not believe I was cooking anything! I thought I was using the timer! The cup is still soaking. Actually good thing cup was in there I think running empty microwave will ruin it!

Yes, I got your message. I had answered while you were leaving the message. I called back, did you get it?

AM said...

What a great assortment of cookies Norman's family sent you! They packed that full too!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

LOL! You're so funny. That sounds like something that would happen here at our house! I'm glad nothing caught fire!

So glad you like your presents!

Pam said...

oh my goodness! I bet you nearly died when you realized that about the coffee! Thanks goodness there wasn't too much damage.

What lovely Secret Santa gifts. That necklace is wonderful and the scarf is so pretty with all those bright colors.

Your snowman candles are so cute. I got little Christmas trees and I thought about using them for Christmas Eve dinner as well.

Clover said...

Those are really nice gifts - cute candles and necklace, beautiful scarf and delicious looking cookies!!

Too bad about the microwave incident, but glad that it was nothing too major!

Hope your hand feels better today!


Frances Louise said...

Mommy is drooling over those cookies -- she loves cookies! And that scarf is gorgeous!

There is never a good time for surgery, so just hang in there!

Sarah said...

Thank you for the lovely Christmas card! You're very lucky to be able to get all four of them to pose at once. I had to edit two separate photos of Roy & Gwen together to make our card work.

Diane Irvine Armitage said...

Hey, cool necklace! Norman sure does have good taste! LOL


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