Friday, March 01, 2013


If your on face*book you know how much activity there is for Pugs in rescue needing help.  Seems more and more little ones can't get the treatment they need and their families have to end up giving them up.  Thankfully MANY great rescue groups and individuals step up and help out.  Recently we heard about Bentley a little Pug with seizures.  A face*book friend is hosting an emergency fundraiser for him through her 31 sales - especially leashes!  Here is the link to visit the fundraiser PAGE.

Last month during a different fundraiser for Molly we purchased 4 leashes.  We were super excited because in the Fall we had bought the gang new ComfortFlex Harnesses.  We've been utilizing their old leashes that didn't match!  Oh the shame!!!!  When we saw the ones available through 31 we saw that they would be a great match.

Here Kiki models her harness and new leash.  We think it's a win!!  The ComfortFlex was purchase online also at Yipeeee.  They had the lowest price on them and offered GREAT customer satisfaction!  I actually ordered wrong and had NO trouble changing up my order and getting things right!

 Disclaimer - we received nothing for plugging these items!!!


stellaroselong said...

those are cool ...we like the colors...
stella rose's mom

Tweedles -- that's me said...

that is a cool harness - so pretty. Does it stay on good?

Two French Bulldogs said...

Thank goodness for rescues! We are involved in the French Bulldog ones
Benny & Lily


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