Sunday, October 23, 2011


The other day we had strong winds. When I let the dogs out I glanced over by the boat and thought...where did that bush come from by the boat....opps......
The ivy on this tree was very cool and the darn woodpeckers were enjoying it too, but we knew it was only a matter of time until it came down.  Thankfully no one was in the yard when it happened!!  Not sure I could have outrun that tree!  P had me strap on my work gloves and it only took us an hour and a half to get it all cleaned up.  Now I can add "lumberjack" to my resume.


The Devil Dog said...

WOW! Thank goodness no one was hurt. Mom issinging something about lumberjacks and being okay. I don't think I want to know.


dw said...

Good thing it was just viewed from the window, instead of from up close! We had pretty strong winds the other day, too. No trees down, just high waves on the lake..

Magnolia Sun said...

Wow looks like it was close to the house too.

Payton said...

I am so glad everyone is ok!

Tucker and Lola said...

I am glad you had a chance to log in some new job skills but even more glad that the tree didn't fall and hurt anyone or your house!


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