Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All shapes and sizes....

On the 9th of this month the official grand opening of the shop was held. This was also the day Zoey took sick, so I was a bit off my mark all day. Thankfully it is literally less than 5 minutes to get there, so I went back and forth between home and there several times during the day.

Most of the day I felt like I was at a dog show. So many different breeds and SO many people with multiple dogs!

All different sizes....All different colors....There was an Easter Egg Hunt, photos, and raffles throughout the day. We won a discounted photo package, which we'll be utilizing real soon!

Our buddy Largo sat for a photo with little Miss Patty. She's the little blind foster my bf is taking care of right now. Anyone out there interested in a sweet little blind Pug???? By the way, shhh, don't talk too loud, I'm not sure she knows she's blind!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

It's fun to see so many dogs in one place. I'm curious if anyone has accidents inside the store?


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