Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Auction - Bid - Bid - Bid

Those Slimmer Pugs and their mama asked us if we were interested in donating an item from our Etsy shop to help out Richie & Ronnie. (Little Dog Rescue, who was supposed to be paying for Richie's vet bills, but has gone under and left a lot of vet bills unpaid.) Richie is still sick and needs to continue getting treatment from his vet. Please visit the auction site HERE

Scroll thru the post and view each item. To bid on an item, click the photo and leave your "bid" in the comment section. The auction is running thru March 13, 2011.


Anonymous said...

I took a look at some of the wonderful items available for auction. Now I have to decide which items to bid on.
Thank you for sharing.


Wyatt said...

We went there and bid :)
This is fun !


Dana Orsborn said...

This is so great!
We're going to check out the items now.

-Dana & Daisy


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