Tuesday, August 31, 2010

KiKilicious goes to camp!

The family is back home getting settled in after 9 days at camp. KiKi loved camp. All the gang loves it that we are all basically living in the same area. She did not get a trip on the Pugboat yet, but that will happen before we close up for sure.

P worked on teaching her how to shake. She already does sit and shake and does them both without treats!!! Score one for us!

She's a little cutie for sure...a little devil too!
More camp photos coming.....super busy getting ready for GMPR Social where I am having a booth and then another trip to Indy! The next several weeks are going to rock!

1 comment:

Simply Pug said...

We bet she will get a chance to get on the pug boat. Every pug deserves an adventure!
-Baby and Lucy


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