Monday, November 09, 2009

Which way is South??????

Years ago when my family still owned the land across the side road from us, this was a big vegetable garden. When the first business built on the land they made a small pond. It became overgrown with cattails. A couple of years ago when the new owner moved in and expanded they were required to add 2 more ponds. They take very good care of these ponds and there are pretty fountains in them in the Spring and Summer to keep them aerated fairly clean....but......the Canadian Geese and Ducks....LOVE THESE DARN PONDS! These critters love to cross over the street and venture into our yard. STAY BACK!!! We have attack Pugs!!!

Good grief these things poop a lot!


Sandy said...

That's such a pretty scene there. We lived on a golf course when we first had chichi and tiny....the geese would live on the course, too. Chichi and Tiny loved to try to eat the poop! It must be a treat in the pug world.

Jemima Jones Beck said...

Yeah they do! I spend half of Mom and I's walks jumping over canadian goose poo! Bad Geese!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that awful?? I hate those things. It's not fun to go swimming in the lake only to find it filled with goose poop. Plus they can be very aggressive. Shame is we can't shoot them lol, it's against the law in Canada.... not that I would or anything....

Pretty ponds!


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