Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

Hope everyone had a great day!

Our walk went well yesterday! We made $1,748 for abused and neglected animals! I think this was a great start being our first year holding a walk! After the walk we headed off to camp, where we indured HORRIBLE weather. We helped neighbors with a new deck, got treated to dinner, then headed to bed and listened to howling winds. Today C and P came to visit for Mother's Day. Our son was working and had hoped to see me tonight, but it didn't work out. When I got home and went to log onto my laptop I had all sorts of issues. My Norton was disabled (not by me) and missing a dll file. Not sure where it all came from as I had been on the computer at camp with no issues this afternoon. We managed to get the Norton fixed, but the dll is a microsoft*issue...ugh.

This is one mother who needs to get to bed...tomarrow at 7am I'm getting a crown! Nope, not a jewel incrusted one....on Friday my tooth broke too! What a few days for sure!!!!


The Devil Dog said...

I Crown You!



kristie said...

well, i think you deserve a jewel encrusted crown!


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