Wednesday, November 05, 2008

30 days of my Pug's Closet - Day 5

Usually I make duplicates of everything so the girls all match. Once in awhile I'll do something unique for one of them...this time it was for Zoey. This is leopard print with pleather trim. The collar folds up or down and there is a self belt...quite the little fashion star!


girlville said...

that is VERY fashionable! she looks good in it, it brings out the blue in her eyes, lol.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Zoey dahling, yew look deevine!!! *blows Zoey kisses*
Annie -Hi Aunty Punchy, mom posted me wearing your pretty dress a few weeks ago. We're sorry it took her SO LONG to get that posted. Holy cow. I'm gonna get a new mama if she keeps this up! *steam comes out of Annie's ears*

Nevis said...

Zoey is lookin fly!

"M" said...

How cute!

The Devil Dog said...

OMG, we love it. It is so cute. And we love the new header photo. You are so cool to keep changing your header. Mom is boring, and won't.


Anonymous said...

Love that new garb. Bet Zoey does too. You should sell that little wrap. It would be so cute on my granddogs. You are so clever.


Magnolia Sun said...

I think she looks great, looks like she really wants to do her thing down the runway!

Sandy said... are the Marc Jacobs of Pugs!


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