Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meme from Norman

Tagged by Norman
We got tagged by Norman to do a Meme. Rules: Obey the Pug, answer the following, and pass on!
1) How did you first learn about Pugs?

After having cats and large dogs all my life I saw a Pug on tv and thought...gosh I HAVE to have one of those. I started reading everything I could find out about them.

2) What made you get a Pug?

After I searched the internet for a puppy and drove P to distraction. I dragged him to a local Pug event to see them "up close and in person"...well, we sat down and one of those little puggies came over and jumped in P's lap...he was done for. The rest is history.

3) Most memorable moment with your Pug (s).
Wow, there are so many, but I think probably the one that will stand out is when I got called from the "waiting list" from the breeder. I took the day off work and when we got to her house we went into her kitchen. She had a huge area that was baby fenced with warming lights and cozy beds. She said to me "there's your baby".....sigh....they was our little Chloe sitting by the gate, all 6 inches of her!

4) What is the most important thing Pugs (or dogs) have taught you?

Well, my Pugs have really taught me unconditional love. I have met total Pug nuts, blogger friends, and gotten involved with rescue.

5) Best Thing You Ever Did For Your Pugs.

Besides taking super care of the health of each of them....rescued Marty....oh, and take them to the Jersey shore on vacation!

6) Post your answers on why you “Adore Le Pug” on your blog and link to the blog who tagged you (or their blog post).
I was tagged by Norman.

7) Tag 5 or more other bloggers.

I tag Harry, Clover, Frances, Mylo, and Preppy Pugs.


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

You are definitely Pug crazy, and I LOVE IT!

Puddleglum said...

My story is very similar, but I wowed my dad with my adventuresome nature more than my snuggling.

Don't get me wrong, I still love to snuggle! I like this meme-- way to keep it going!

Adore Le Pug said...

I fell in love with Pugs the same way! It's so cute that every one has similar answers and wonderful fond stories of the beginning of their romance with Pugs. I bet they must have fun going with you guys to the Jersey shore.

Frances Louise said...

I am beyond jealous that your pugs get to go to the shore . . . we only have rocky beaches here. I would love to feel sand beneath my paws!


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